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Important:   Measure the rail, bulk head, or teak rail you want to hang the fender hook from and include in the order notes section on the checkout page.   Please specify boat type in the order notes section as well.

To help you with your order, read all information below and see picture examples.

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Custom Made

Securing fenders onto a hand rail, a teak rail, lifeline or bulkheads can be difficult and can cause fender line chafe damage to your boat. The cam cleat style fender hook uses a black Schaefer fast entry aluminum cam cleat to quickly adjust the line of your fender into position.  Stainless Steel Cam cleats are an option.  We use a metal core in the fender hook shrouded with leather. The outside blue-gray leather contains no dye and has a suede finish to prevent abrasion.  The finished black leather is is a chrome tanned leather with a coating for water resistance and is 8 ounce thick.  The inside lining is a brown Latigo leather. It is   8 ounce thick which makes it pliable, supple and durable with oils and waxes applied  for water resistance. 

2″ wide hook for up to a 3/8″ line, formed to any depth, uses a small cam cleat
3″ wide hook for up to a 1/2″ line, formed to any depth, uses a medium cam cleat
4″ wide hook for up to a 5/8″ line, formed to any depth, uses a large cam cleat

Fender hook Measurements:  Measure the rail, bulk head, or teak rail you want to hang the fender hook from.
1)  Rail size: circumference of the rail (around the rail, use paper, mark the overlap, then measure the paper with a tape measure)
2) Teak  rail dimensions…1. width across , 2.. thickness or height of the teak rail
3) Bulk head dimensions..1.  width across , 2  profile, if possible with a wire, trace the wire and measure the profile
fenderhookmeasure   fenderhookmes4

To custom order your hook: use a firm, but flexible wire to outline the contour of the application, then copy, trace or scan the outline and email to Boat Leather. Add $50 for a sheepskin lining (in place of the brown latigo base leather).

Other leather colors are available.

BOATLEATHER ® 3050 38th Ave W, Seattle, WA 98199 USA Phone: 206-284-9110


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