About Our Products

Boat Leather uses special tanned leather, waxed polyester thread and polyester Velcro to extend product life after exposure to UV light and salt water.   All of Boat Leather’s products come as complete kits and are designed for easy installation.

Our Kits include the following:

Hand Stitched Kits
Pre-punched leather, waxed polyester thread, double stick tape, two sail makers’ needles and stitching instructions.

Velcro Kits
Polyester Velcro hook/loop fasteners.

Foam Backing
UV resistant closed cell foam with an adhesive backing.

Leather Color and Thickness (weight) Options
Boat Leather provieds a variety of different colors and thickness of leather to choos from.  Below are the color and thickness (weight) options.  If a specific color is not listed, please inquire.

2-3 ounce light weight (smooth or suede finish)
black, green, navy, blue, chocolate, burgundy, gray, red, white

4-5 ounce medium weight
blue gray (suede), buck skin (suede) cream (smooth or suede finish), teak (smooth or suede finish), white (smooth)

7-8 ounce heavy weight
blue gray (suede), black (smooth), brown (oil tanned smooth), cream (smooth)

Care and Cleaning

Easy to clean and care for, most of our leather needs no treatment at all.  If the product gets soiled, simply brush with a mild soap and water and rinse well with fresh water.  Product life with proper care is 5 years, depending on individual boating conditions.


We guarantee that our marine products have a use life of five years, depending on your boating conditions.  Should any of our products fail because of poor workmanship or materials, Boat Leather, at its discretion, will repair or replace the product or give the customer a full, pro-rated refund.  If you experience any problems with our products, please contact us.

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