Pre-sewn, Hand Stitched, Velcro Style


Pre-sewn leather chafe gear is stitched into a tube shape using heavy duty Dacron polyester thread. Simply slide your line through the tube. Extra thread and a needle are supplied to whip the chafe gear directly to the line to prevent slipping. When necessary, the whipping can be removed to re-position the chafe on the line.

Pre-sewn Wheel Cover refers to a leather wheel cover, which has been trimmed and sewn to fit, your specific wheel diameter. Boat Leather cuts the leather to the proper wheel circumference then sews the ends together with gore seaming thread.  Pre-sewn wheel covers will fit the wheel diameter you specify when ordering.  That’s the cover is custom cut to size, no trimming is required.


Hand-stitched leather chafe gear is sewn directly on the line using the supplied needle and thread. Once the chafe gear is stitched in place, it won’t move on the line.  This is a great choice for standing dock lines on a floating dock. We recommend the herringbone lock stitch with our hand-stitched kits.


We sew polyester Velcro directly onto the leather chafe so you can easily place and adjust the chafe gear on your line. Because it’s adjustable, this type of chafe gear is great for temporary moorage sites or anchor rode. Polyester Velcro is much more UV resistant than nylon (standard) Velcro. Extra thread and a needle are supplied to whip the chafe gear directly to the line to prevent slipping. When necessary, the whipping can be removed to reposition the chafe on the line.


We sew sheepskin directly onto the leather. We have two styles, either polyester Velcro or Pre-sewn. Sheepskin leather chafe gear protects teak cap rails from wear and tear.

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