Foam or No Foam

Wheel covers can be supplied with a base layer of UV resistant closed cell foam. The foam is a separate piece of material with adhesive already applied. Remove the release liner on the back of the foam, then position onto the wheel.

The foam gives the wheel a softer feel, and a slightly larger grip. Typically on a 2.75” rim circumference wheel rims the foam base layer is a more desirable product. It fits the hand better resulting in less hand fatigue. The UV resistant closed cell foam typically out lasts the longevity of the wheel cover.  That said we do recommend removing the foam when replacing your leather wheel cover. The foam is compressed slightly during the installation process and for newleather wheel cover to fit properly we recommend new foam as well.

To remove the foam use a box cutter knife with a set of new razor blades. Cut away the foam with the knife, replacing the blades if they get “gummed” up with the foam and old adhesive. Citrus cleaner or acetone will work as a solvent to remove the last bits of adhesive and foam.

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