Grommet Style Poly Wrap Fender Adjuster (Copy)


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Adjustable UV resistant Polypropylene rail wrap for boat fenders! The UV resistant polypropylene hook & loop rail wrap securely holds and adjust fenders up to 250 pound load force. The anodized cam cleat style adjuster quickly and easily release the fender line for quick positioning of the fender vertically along the side of the boat even under load. The poly wrap hook and loop closure allows quick and secure placement on any location along the rail and on different rail sizes. The combination of heavy duty poly webbing and polyester hook and loop makes a strong, water resistant and UV resistant adjuster. Available with a oil tanned leather insert for better rail protection and grip.

Grommet style fender wraps uses two 5/8” grommets for 3/8” or ½” diameter line on a 1 ½” webbing $25 each, set of four (4) for $90

Sizes: Small: Wraps around 7/8”, 1”, 1 ¼”, 1 ½” round, oval or square rail. 5 ½” circumference.
Medium: Wraps around 1 ¾ “ , 2” , 2 ½” round, oval or square rail. 7 ½” circumference

Choose oil tanned leather insert for better protection and better grip around the rail for $5 each

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